PTSD and Sexual Assault

Clocks tick and water drips to the fast pace of my heart beat; its rhythm twice the speed of the morning before. My eyes blink repeatedly, cringing at each word that the people around me exchange. Am I in danger here? I’m walking along a normal shopping strip, but I’m torn between …



A unique perspective about the classroom and PTSD. Is it possible for professors do anything to avoid triggers?


Getting Bi in Bama

Studying abroad can pose many challenges for people with mental health disorders. Meet a student in Scotland who is learning how to adapt to new environments.


Diversity Statement

Ever wonder how to come out in a college application? Read the story of a student who was honest and detailed the benefits of having a diverse class.


Exercise Dependence

Clinicians always talk about the importance of exercising to stay healthy. But can too much exercise create an unhealthy lifestyle? Explore this answer with an M.S. student in Human Movement who manages a Crossfit gym.